Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thanksgiving Wreath

I have seen some really cute wrapped-style wreaths and thought that I would give it a go for Thanksgiving - never having attempted it before, this was all a learning experience for me.
I went and got a styrofoam wreath form, one skein of white and tan yarn, and some burlap decorative ribbon about 6 inches wide.

I measured and marked every 4 inches around the back and wrote a W for white and T for tan to show where each color yarn would be wrapped. 
I started at the back and used hot glue to secure the yarn to the form.

This is where I started to rethink this yarn wrapping idea -
while not at all difficult, it is time consuming. 

I did figure out about halfway through that if you double the yarn twice - (four strands at a time) - it goes 4 times as fast! (duh)  You're welcome.  :)

Here is a shot of the wreath fully wrapped (yay!), which my boys lovingly dubbed
"the Life-preserver".

I decided to add a burlap bow to the top and for some color I used large nails to push through the back of the form and then into some mini pumpkins that I had left over from Halloween.


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