Thursday, February 27, 2014

Red Dresser Redo

I love painted furniture!

Maybe a bit too much, but seriously taking something ugly and old and making it pretty and new again all for just the cost of a can of paint?  

I say yes! 

I bought this beauty (ha!) from a FB resale site for $20.00.  If you've recently priced dressers, then you know what a bargain this was!  
The middle drawer pull had fallen off, but they luckily still had it.  
I decided to redo this for Colester's room.  
(The paint cans are to keep the mess off the garage floor)

I love bright primary colors for my little's rooms, so I chose this 
paint plus primer in the color Cranberry Zinger.

I loved that it already had the primer in it, so I could skip that step,
but I still had to do 3 coats.  Possibly overkill, but better safe than sorry.

I took the hardware off and sprayed it all with a Metallic paint & primer
in the color Dark Steel.

For a little fun, I used some leftover metallic sheen spray paint I had hanging around to spray the interior of the drawers blue.

This had 2 purposes - 
1. It's cute!  2. I always like to make the drawers as clean as possible when buying used and this added a barrier over the cleaned wood.

Here it is up in Colesters's room!
I love how it turned out and now we have some much needed storage space!  

(Side note - check out Mr. Giraffe - he was a gift when Nate the Great was a baby.  Hubs has spent the past 9 years trying to get rid of him cause he's huge.
I love him, so he stays!  Chalk one win up to me!)

Have you painted anything recently?  I'd love to see it!


  1. Holy smokes!! Love your red dresser!!! Looks so different!

  2. Gorgeous! :) Did you have to sand the dresser at all? I am going to do ours....eventually. ;) Our master bedroom is a bunch of mis-match furniture from family, friends, and yard sales.

    1. The wood was a bit shiny, so I just ran a fine grit sandpaper over it once, just to kind of dull the finish a bit. I hear you on the mis-matched furniture! We are the same :) It only took a couple of days - you should do it! :)