Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Paint it New!

Never underestimate the power of paint!
Recently, I came across these five (hidden) gems at the thrift store.
I wanted candle holders for my Thanksgiving mantle, but didn't want to spend a fortune -
all five of these were about $8. 
Love a Bargain!
Of course, as is, they didn't exactly go with my décor and they are all different styles and materials.
(glass, wood, plaster)
Painting them all the same color brings them all together and makes them a cohesive unit.

I decided on white as some of my other Thanksgiving stuff was already white.
Plus I love the crisp, clean look of bright white.

 I just used spray paint and it took less than 30 minutes - super easy!
Try it out - go find something that you like the shape of and paint it a fresh, solid color.
I bet you'll love it at much as I love these now!

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