Thursday, October 17, 2013

Halloween Mantle

I cannot tell you how excited I am that our new home came with a fireplace, because that means we have a MANTLE!  I am so excited for the decorating possibilities!
We moved in to the house in August, so this is my first crack at a holiday - Halloween.
I wanted it to be not too scary or gorey and since I was limited on time, most items were purchased as opposed to handmade (sorry, there's always next year!)

I used some stick on bats and black flowers (Michaels) and a pumpkin medallion and black glitter pumpkin (Target)

I also couldn't resist this "Keep Calm" sign from Michaels and tissue-paper circles (Target).  You can see a theme of where I shop!  I tied a Trick-or-Treat ribbon around a vase filled with tiny clementines for some more pops of color.

Finished it off with a netting and Happy Halloween banner.  (same stores)  :)
I love the way that it turned out!  Happy Halloween! 

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